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Apr 1, 2020

Upon arriving at the waystation of the Children of the Light, the party is dismayed to see evidence of hostile forces that should not exist in this day and Age. Lance is disturbed to learn that the waystation was expecting more reinforcements than their lone wagon of basic supplies.

Rather than sticking around to gather information or reinforce the fortifications, the eager novices promptly take off into the woods to look for a lost patrol of Children. Quercus is skeptical that the enemy can possibly be the fabled “trollocs” of the Third Age. 

In the woods, Amena and Pimur (and Ashandari the Best Dog) find evidence of a struggle. Continuing on, the party stumbles across a valley full of people with unknown but certainly nefarious plans for the waystation. Surprising a guard at the edge of the camp, they engage with an enemy that is not all he seems. 

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