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Apr 7, 2020

Bemused and bloodied, the party reluctantly scurries away from the corpse of a man with the words “Chosen of the Shadow” branded into his forehead, just ahead of a horde of his fellows. They make their way to the Children’s signal beacon, and Pimur manages to focus his saidar talent for his favorite element to light the beacon fire with perhaps a bit more flair than is strictly necessary.  

Quercus considers the wisdom of sneaking into the enemy camp (it’s the last thing they’ll expect, obviously) while Amena fusses with her new ter’angreal and keeps Ashendari out of trouble. With Lance hovering at the edge of consciousness and the watchpost of the Children up in flames, the party decides to flee for Dal Sherandu. More giant dogs block their way, while gunshots behind them speed their steps.

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