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Apr 14, 2020

Fleeing from a burning watchpost leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of the novices, but what else can they do? A small altercation in the forest to their right proves too intriguing to ignore.

Leaving a sleeping Lance in the cart to be guarded by Quercus, Pimur and Amena sneak into the woods to seek the source of the gunshot. They find a man bleeding from a musket wound, and no gunman in sight. Between Amena’s charming personality and Pimur’s flask of low-grade whisky, he spills far more of the enemy’s secrets than he probably would have if he wasn’t already dying.

Loathe to leave the man to an unknown fate, the novices figure out how to use saidar collaboratively to move him back to the wagon. Proud of their achievement, they are mildly dismayed when Quercus suggests that a five day wagon ride to Dal Sherandu might not be the most… humane… treatment the party would be able to administer. Death takes the choice from their hands as technical difficulties bring the game session to an early end. 

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