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Jun 9, 2020

There are few things as beautiful as an Ogier barreling out of the smoke of battle to save your dying friend, but watching him then casually decapitate the enemy threatening your party is certainly one of those things.

Reunited, the Heroes of Dal Sherandu patch themselves up as best they can (aided tremendously by Amena’s newly discovered Healing weaves), and resume their trek to the ruined fortress on the east side of town. Behind them, the town burns and shudders under continuing bombardment, but Quercus assures the party that most of the inhabitants are sheltering in the Church of the Dragon.

Careful to avoid enemy eyes, the party attempts to sneak up to the ruins around the side. This may or may not have been a wise idea, as the next shell that falls crumbles the ground under their feet, dropping them into an underground chamber. Now they are inside what might be considered a vault, but the air is foul. Lance investigates the room for traps as Pimur and Amena consider the mysterious objects in niches along the walls. The party makes the process of unlocking the door far more complicated than it needs to be, and ventures deeper into the maze.

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