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Jun 30, 2020

The mysteries deepen as the Heroes of Dal Sherandu venture further into what seems to be the tomb of (or memorial to?) a bygone Age. Pimur demonstrates for Quercus, repeatedly, that there are in fact still hazards he has not yet had a chance to run headlong into. 

Still wheezing on the toxic air, the party holds itself together by a thread as they dodge traps and secure treasure, all with no idea what is happening in the battle above, or if enemies will be arriving shortly. The group forms and splits, exploring with varying degrees of caution and bravery. Whoever built this place had a twisted sense of humor, and knowledge of mysteries unknown even in the 3rd Age. 

Amena quickly heals Lance again before chasing after Pimur to save him from himself, then returns to scold the Ogier quite thoroughly for performing unprofessional and unsafe medical studies. Even the occasional score of a ter’angreal might not be enough to save them from this maze. 

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