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Dec 24, 2019

Just Role With It returns for a new season of D&D with a new campaign, a new player, and a new world! In this episode, we continue to meet the new cast of JRWI, seeing how novices Amena and Pimur have gotten used to each other's foibles over months, observing the research goals of the Ogier scholar Quercus, and witnessing the discipline and patience of the Child Lance.

The rebellious novices push their curfew to the limit, exactly as Tedric knew they would. A very famous book fuels their imagination for what might be lurking in the night.

Quercus settles down after an active day of observing plants and other fascinating non-botanical phenomena in the town. His night is very rudely interrupted by an injured warder stumbling into his camp.

Wolf howls echo across the area in the night, but it isn't until morning that Lance receives a missing persons report.


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