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Jan 21, 2020

While exploring a cave system near the town of Dal Sherandu, intrepid explorers Pimur, Amena, Lance, and Quercus come face to face with a group of "miners". Before tensions can escalate too far, the bossman arrives. To Pimur's dismay, his friend and mentor Andre appears to have been less than forthcoming with all the details about his "day job."

Ushered from the caves with a stern injunction to stay away, curiosity gets the better of the party, and they hide near the entrance hoping for more clues into what Andre&Co are up to. They learn a few interesting tidbits, but only by waiting so long that all three of the students get into serious trouble with their respective superiors. Quercus struggles with understanding the human definition of "hasty," and praises the Light that he is not an apprentice.


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