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Jan 28, 2020

The Festival of Lights brings out a new side of Dal Sherandu, with detentions suspended and celebrations running for two full days!

Released from a week of disciplinary punishment, Lance heads to the bar to reunite with his friends, and finds that Quercus was not at all discrete in hiding the reasons for his absence to the equally chastened novices.

Pimur is dismayed at his companions' lack of knowledge around tailgating before a festival. Don't all parties start with a pint and some fries? A new server at the bar might just be a shy young kid hoping to follow in Rigney's footsteps someday, or may be something more?

Games of chance and competition entertain the festival goers, and a few painfully awkward encounters seem like the perfect cap to an evening that ends with the new adults of Malkier being sworn into the ranks of the Golden Crane... but more than Amena's dignity will be ruffled before the sun rises again.

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