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Mar 10, 2020

Torn between deep misgivings and burning curiosity about their hosts, the party  manages to keep their cool. Pimur and Quercus offer to help Brechin around the farm, and reach an unexpected mutual understanding laced with more questions. Amena uneasily sits with Saine as the latter chatters like any neighborhood granny about the state of her flowerbeds, and insists that visitors need muffins.  

A mysterious storage shed beckons, as does the waft of fresh baking. The party considers and discards several plans of action, as well as devouring a pile of perhaps the most delicious muffins in history. Lance demonstrates supreme courtesy and caution, no matter the situation. 

They wait the night out uneasily, sheltered from the storm and perplexed by their circumstances. In the end, discretion appears to indeed be the better part of valor. Or at least, the more profitable part. 

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