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Mar 24, 2020

Seeing the suspicious balance of power in the Tinker caravan, Pimur is unpleasantly reminded of the time he was pulled into someone else’s world against his will. However all his efforts to change their far less binding circumstances go for nothing, as human nature and the One Power are equally fickle creatures. 

Amena persists in her quest to acquire a furry companion. Quercus provides ample quantities of creative ideas and a bit of help, and eventually she succeeds in “liberating” a Tinker dog. Lance looks askance at this behavior, but is diverted from the dubious morality of starting a one-dog cult of personality by the far more important question of if his new blade can split bullets shot from Pimur’s guns. Quercus retreats to the woods to ponder if human stupidity is quantifiable. Amena ponders the perfect name for her new pupperz.

For once, the night passes quietly. (Too quietly?) In the morning, a leisurely arrival at the watchpost of the Children of the Light is abruptly shattered by unwelcome news.

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