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Apr 21, 2020

Standing by the side of the road with a dead bandit in the wagon and clouds dropping a drenching rainfall, the party considers their next move. They know an army is marching on Dal Sherandu, but not much else.

Amena and Quercus explore the woods parallel to the road while Lance and Pimur continue taking the cart down the road towards home. The tracks in the trees merge with more groups, picking up speed and changing direction. The fog of rain begins to be laced with the smell of smoke and cooking meat. 

The party gathers on the road again, and Pimur goes to find the source of the smoke. When he returns, he is carrying a fragment of a burnt Tinker wagon and is nearly incoherent with horror. Lance plies him with numbing doses of alcohol while Amena huddles with Ashendari and tries to plan their next move. Quercus also visits the source of the smoke to gather details that Pimur may have missed. 

As Pimur is disinclined to ever sleep again, Quercus stays up to play Stones with him into the night, which is why they both spot the eerie red light flaring to life from the direction of Dal Sherandu.


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