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May 5, 2020

In the aftermath of the battle, the Heroes of Dal Sherandu meet their first band of Aiel, and learn that an army of false-Trollocs has been making their way west through New Malkier towards their home. Despite their enthusiasm to join forces with the Aiel and continue the chase, they recognize that they need a few hours rest before going on. They wake to find themselves alone again, and take off after their new friends.

A day and a half later, the party is exhausted and still hasn’t seen signs of those they pursue, when the flare of fire reaches them through the trees. Sneaking forward, they spot some Borderlanders, but warily hold back half their strength. Lance and Quercus move forward to see what the hunters know, while Pimur and Amena hang back and keep an eye out. 

While uneasy conversation occupies the campfire, the novices discover proof that they have stumbled across foe rather than friends, and signal for the others to rejoin them. Before they can retreat, the jig is up, and all hangs on the point of a blade.  

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