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May 19, 2020

Tedric arrives on a scene of bloody chaos as the party wraps up their fight with the berserkers. Pimur wakes up with an ear-splitting roar as he is stabilized by the warder’s experienced field care, nearly drowning out the tongue-lashing being administered simultaneously to the entire party. 

Quercus rebuilds the campfire and prepares tea, Amena attempts to keep Pimur from exerting himself back into unconsciousness, and Lance fills Tedric in on (the majority of) the party’s activities since leaving Dal Sherandu. In return, the party is informed that the strange army of faux-Trollocs has arrived in the vicinity of the town, and that the most elite units of the Children are out patrolling that very moment.

Guarded by Tedric, the party gratefully collapses into the deep sleep of recovery. When they wake, Amena and Quercus interrogate the one berserker prisoner left over from the fight, while Pimur and Lance search the other corpses. They learn of a meeting scheduled for tonight, not far away, so of course they have to go stake it out. But other questions remain; who are these people, and what do they want? Are the asha’man involved, or the Kandori nobility, or both, or neither???

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