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May 26, 2020

The party carefully conceals themselves in the underbrush to spy on a supposed meeting of the leaders of the enemy they’ve faced over the last few days. They are richly rewarded with unsettling sights and valuable information. Afterwards, the party is faced with a choice, and splits up to follow multiple leads.

Quercus and Lance follow the head bad guys deeper into the woods. Alternating between boldness and caution, they make perplexing observations of the mysterious enemy forces. Quercus fails to appreciate Lance’s sarcasm, while Lance underestimates Quercus’ literalism.

Pimur and Amena follow Tedric back to Dal Sherandu. A trembling Pimur is led to the soothing interior of The Eighth Tower, with a concerned Amena shepherding him into the embrace of a stout brew or two. As the buzz in his head subsides, Keira Sedai brings the novices up to speed on preparations made in Dal Sherandu since the enemy was sighted.

Lance and Quercus return to Dal Sherandu to rejoin their novice friends, right as they are firmly rejecting a scheme to send them out of danger with the other civilians. As the team’s resolve hardens into a level-up, the whistle of incoming artillery lends a level of urgency to their quest to thwart the enemy.  

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