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Jun 3, 2020

In a suspended instant of deafening thunder, the quiet sanctity of The Eighth Tower is destroyed as battle arrives in Dal Sherandu. Keira Sedai reminds everyone that she is still a Green sister, and then the party splits up.

Quercus, his long legs carrying him quickly away from the smoke and confusion of the bar, heads to the defensive positions at the north edge of town. He gathers what information he can, observing without engaging the battle on the west side, and is not encouraged. Moving back into town, he is just in time to spot people in need of rescue inside a burning building.

Amena, Pimur, and Lance attempt to move east through the town, hoping to reach the fortress and its mysterious vault that the enemy seeks. Almost immediately they fail to avoid the eye of an enemy group, and engage in combat. The novices show off some new weaves they’ve learned since leaving Dal Sherandu, and Lance dances more dexterously than ever, but they appear to be outmatched!

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