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Jun 23, 2020

Continuing to explore the mysteriously soggy and caustic ruins, the party finds no end of mysteries, while our player-heroes find endless opportunities to overthink simple puzzles. 

Pimur and Amena wrestle with an electric eel for a waterlogged box of prizes, while Lance goes looking for Quercus, who was last seen being dragged down a hallway by a wave of water. He finds the Ogier standing at the far side of the large pool found previously. The two of them explore the flooded room more thoroughly, but it isn’t until the novices join them that the lever to drain the pool is found, revealing a macabre twist on the as-yet-undetermined purpose of this underground complex. 

Shivering half in anticipation and half in response to the damp environment, Pimur runs ahead as the party continues on. Fortunately for him, Amena is calm enough to work through the puzzles he finds.   

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