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Dec 17, 2019

Just Role With It returns for a new season of D&D with a new campaign, a new player, and a new world! In this episode, we meet the new cast of JRWI, and get our first look at a brand new world never before seen in D&D, the Fourth Age of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time universe.

It's been 150 years since the Last Battle, and the world has changed in surprising ways. The Children of the Light are now a force to be respected, stedding are regrowing in the old Blight, and students of the White Tower are no longer cloistered until they acheive the shawl.

In the frontier town of Dal Sherandu, a Child of the Light named Lance Akashi is disturbed by news that battles have broken out again in his hometown of Chachin. White Tower novices Pimur and Amena go to the tavern to get a theraputic pint and a gamble after a long day training in use of the Power. The Ogier youth Quercus attempts to understand the strange rituals of ordering food at a human bar.

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